22.12.2018 post
FinTech / December 22, 2018 / Comments : 0

Do you know the difference between crypto asset fans and crypto asset enthusiasts? For fans, it would be enough to stay on top of the latest trends. As for true […]

FinTech / December 21, 2018 / Comments : 0

For many people, cryptocurrency has become a customary form of money. Still, there are many newcomers who are only starting to explore the crypto space. They view the crypto market […]

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FinTech / December 19, 2018 / Comments : 0

New Year is coming soon and its magic spirit fills everyone with bright hopes and expectations. All people around are looking forward to fun-filled parties, family reunions and, of course, […]

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FinTech / December 17, 2018 / Comments : 0

The world holds its breath in view of the Yellow Vests movement’s protests in France. Protest demonstrations flooded the whole country expanding into neighbouring countries such as Belgium and Germany. […]

FinTech / December 14, 2018 / Comments : 0

Christmas is almost here and preparations for the holiday season has already started. Our whole elegro team is excited about the bright period ahead. It’s the right time to share […]

12.12.2018 post 02
FinTech / December 12, 2018 / Comments : 0

Much has changed since 2008, when Satoshi Nakamoto had presented Bitcoin as a reliable solution to fix pesky double-spending issue. In 2018, the P2P cash is MAYBE a step and […]

10.12.2018 post222 (1)
FinTech / December 10, 2018 / Comments : 0

People with integrity and morality are sure education, determination and drive are the keys to become wealthy. Actually, successful people like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg chose that road full […]

FinTech / December 7, 2018 / Comments : 0

elegro team is happy to announce the launch of UK IBAN solution onto elegro Gateway. Now, using physical UK IBANs elegro customers can accept money transfers from their clients within […]

FinTech / December 7, 2018 / Comments : 0

The time we live in is amazing. We are surrounded with human-looking robots which can do almost everything for us. There are driverless cars, chatbots which take our orders and […]

FinTech / December 6, 2018 / Comments : 0

It’s amazing what some will do to stay in business! Though, if there’s a chance to teach an old dog new tricks, it would be foolish to miss it. It […]

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