3 Dusty Books for Crypto Asset Enthusiasts

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22.12.2018 post

Do you know the difference between crypto asset fans and crypto asset enthusiasts? For fans, it would be enough to stay on top of the latest trends. As for true enthusiasts, those guys dig deeper as they have a bigger dream. The dream is to dramatically change the global economy and media using blockchain technologies and P2P cash. Intriguing, isn’t it?

If you don’t want to dive too deep, you can refer to Nathaniel Popper’s book “Digital Gold. The Untold Story of Bitcoin.” However, to better understand crypto coins themselves, you will need to spend some time with dusty “books of yore” telling about the way marketplaces and the economy actually work. To understand the phenomenon of cryptocurrency and its prospects, you’ll need to learn more about the “real” background of crypto asset origin.

So, here are 3 dusty but still relevant books right for you!

Charles Mackay, “Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds”

Published in 1841, this book is about popular crazes, crowd behavior, and … trivial human stupidity. The work is full of stories illustrating mass hysteria and the creation of asset/product bubbles. So, if you followed news about well-known ICO scams, then you know what Charles Mackay talks about. That’s it, the scam history repeats itself!

Niall Ferguson, “The Ascent of Money: A Financial History of the World”

Well, if you are looking for a field guide on money history, “The Ascent of Money” is the best option. Old sport Niall tried his best to tell where the money came from and explained complex financial concepts in simple words. Another pleasant thing is that author eliminates some of the most common delusions related to money. Want more details? Read the story!

David Graeber, “Debt: The First 5,000 Years”

Now, here’s a fine example of scepticism about the global financial system. This title can get to be a handbook for libertarians and cypherpunks. The main idea here is that world’s currency markets and tax systems were imposed on governments, long time ago.

Moreover, David Graeber states that all assets people use are nothing but kinds of the Debt. To get rid of the Debt, people need to wrest the world economy control from those “professional economists” who failed to prevent the latest financial crisis in the world.

In conclusion, nobody can tell you all those books above are TRUE. They just offer a different way of looking at the world of modern finance. A compilation of professional views you will like, for sure!

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