elegro Team Take Part in “Give me the light 2020” Charity Event

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While most people would think that volunteering is more about giving presents, your time, or physical resources, what is often underestimated is the value of genuine emotions. Everyone will agree that it’s been a crazy year, and today there are a lot of ways to help children in need. A simple act of generosity can bring positive emotions and make an impact on a person, whether it is a child or an adult. 

The elegro team didn’t stay away and yesterday we had a great time at our annual toy giveaway. As a part of the charity event “Give me the light 2020” for children with disabilities, we went to one of our local boarding school with a huge pack of presents and toys. Seeing these kids smiling and enjoying their time was the most precious gift. But what’s more important, we eager to share the love with kids, talk to them, and support, because even a single warm word or a hug can bring positive emotions and cheer up. 

Each and every one of us, regardless the age, race, or gender, deserves a bit of magic. And can there be a better possibility to start taking care of each other, than on the eve of the new year? 

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