elegro Multi Currency Digital Wallet for Business

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Multi Currency Digital Wallet

Are you still wondering if the multi currency digital wallet is secure and beneficial enough for your business? We are here to prove to you that every business owner should take into account digital wallets for a wide variety of reasons. The elegro team knows that it’s quite difficult and stressful to open an account for your business in the bank. Believe, any company owner would rather spend his precious time running and promoting business. That is why we’ve created the best multi currency wallet that brings together well-traded world currencies and fiat-backed stablecoins for global C2B/B2B payments.

Considering the fact that the global digital wallet transactions had reached $4,296 billion in 2018 and are expected to reach $13,979 billion by 2022, e-wallets seems like the future of payments. It proves that their amount will only grow because demand creates supply.

The elegro multi currency digital wallet has been launched to give the businesses an opportunity to accept payments from any corner as well as send money worldwide and monitor their balance and fund flow in a friendly and cost‑efficient way. The unique IBAN associated with a business simplifies a reconciliation process, so there is no need to open accounts in different banks: collecting and managing deposits in multiple currencies from your customers and partners has never been so smooth and convenient.

Multi Currency Digital Wallet

Based on blockchain technology all transactions made via elegro wallet stay immutable and safe. So a business gets reliable protection from violation, chargebacks, and fraud, maintaining the highest level of security and stability.

Main Advantages of the Multi Currency Digital Wallet

Firstly, the elegro multi currency digital wallet offers you a variety of deposits to keep your money safe without any fraud risk. The fifth anti-money laundering directive (5AMLD) allows your business to become part of a stable framework for secure cryptocurrency adoption. With elegro wallet, you eliminate risks associated with money laundering, PEPs, and fraudulent use of cryptocurrencies.

It doesn’t matter, whether you have an online or offline business. Regardless of your industry, with the elegro wallet app, you will forget about high fees and third parties who seek to take a huge piece out of your funds.

Pay your attention to the most beneficial options of the elegro multi currency digital wallet:

  • receive payments from customers online from the app;
  • make settlements with other businesses;
  • do the masspayment;
  • each transaction is supported by an invoice and contract at the first transfer;
  • withdraw received funds in fiat at low commissions;
  • European account for your business transactions online without visiting the office.

What’s even more important, is that you can make instant crypto-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat exchanges at competitive rates. elegro business wallet also allows you to send or request money to/from other elegro network users with no extra fee.

Get More Sales with elegro Multi Currency Digital Wallet

Once downloading our application, you can instantly enjoy wallet-to-wallet transfers, avoiding red tape and week-long waiting. In the elegro multi currency digital wallet, it’s easy to make seamless global chargeback-free payments. All you need to do to start is pass a simple KYB procedure. Firstly, fill out the necessary data and complete the extended KYB form, sent in your email. 

When you’re done, simply create a wallet and top it up. You are able to top up your business wallet in a few ways:

  • SEPA
  • FPS

It’s worth noticing that the elegro multi currency digital wallet for business supports both crypto and fiat currencies. Namely, you can transfer funds in GBP, EUR, PLN, CHF and USD. As for the crypto, elegro supports stable coins which are pegged against the world’s top reserve currencies.

Save your Time with Masspaymet Feature

Stay on top of your expenses and enhance capabilities with the mass payment feature of the elegro multi currency digital wallet. It’s an absolute advantage as the app enables fund transfers to as many recipients as you want at low cost and with a variety of currencies. Pay your staff abroad, customers or partners on a regular basis with no hassle. Our team makes sure your mass payouts meet all the requirements of the countries you send money to. 

Multi Currency Digital Wallet

Moreover, you can do mass payment crypto and fiat transfers on the go to 50+ countries with elegro now! This operation requires the same actions as the typical transfer. Make high-volume international transactions by simply uploading a CSV file with recipients’ data.

Wallet at your fingertips

With elegro multi currency digital wallet, it doesn’t matter whether you are a MacBook user or prefer to do all the operations via your smartphone. The application will work without any hassle on any screen and any device.

A cross-platform solution is available for both Android and IOS, as well as web versions for Windows, macOS, and Linux users.


To sum it up, multi currency digital wallet gives you the opportunity to completely control your finances over the payment system. Moreover, you are able to keep your business ahead of the curve and allow your clients to seamlessly transfer money in multiple currencies across countries. 

With elegro business wallet, you get a European account for your business transactions without visiting the branch office. You can receive payment from customers, make settlements with other businesses and withdraw received funds in fiat at low commissions. Don’t forget that each transaction is supported by an invoice and contract at the first transfer.

And lastly, we prepared for you the top 5 reasons why you should start using elegro multi currency digital wallet for your business right now:

  • keeps your information safe and secure;
  • easy and fast transactions;
  • used for global C2B/B2B payments;
  • no pesky forms, no extra payments, no additional fees;
  • Masspayment feature for your business.

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