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Blockchain April 26, 2019

G’day, folks! Let’s learn some more about wonders enabled by blockchain technologies. As you know by now, blockchain adoption goes viral changing the way we think about routine stuff. Yep, […]

News April 25, 2019

Cryptocurrencies have revolutionized the world economy but also changed the lives of many people. Mostly those who believed in them and bet on them. There are many stories which show […]

Blog post2
Blog Categories April 18, 2019

The mid-2010s have become an important period for blockchain technologies adoption giving rise to multiple ICO projects. If to analyze ICOs which were around for the last some years, quite […]

templ post
ELEGRO Ecosystem April 16, 2019

Let us ask you a question, folks. How do you like the idea of selling things at your “offline” shop for crypto coins? Bet you would give it a try! […]

Blog post
Blockchain April 11, 2019

Do you feel cynical about the ICO projects and think they are mostly scams? Well…you have a good point in some way. Actually, the truth is that only 13% of […]

blockchain improves the supply chain
Blockchain April 4, 2019

Howdy, folks, and welcome to the great “Hall of Mirrors,” also known as the global supply network. Hope, you’re in the mood for a new story about P2P technology adoption. […]

ELEGRO Ecosystem April 2, 2019

No doubt, everyone has heard about blockchain technology having a high potential for banking, insurance and finance spheres. But the reality is that blockchain is widely spreading across many industries […]

ELEGRO Ecosystem March 28, 2019

Everyone who invests in cryptocurrency needs a place to securely store, send and receive coins. A crypto wallet is just what you need to efficiently manage your digital assets. There […]

why financial compliance is important
ELEGRO Ecosystem March 21, 2019

Financial compliance and risk management has become the cornerstone of banks, financial institutions, and businesses. Although market players differ in the way they run, they have one thing in common: […]

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