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News / October 5, 2018 / Comments : 0

Ten years ago, a world tired of a traditional banking system came up with a P2P version of electronic money. Satoshi Nakamoto published a well-known paper introducing Bitcoin. But it […]

News / October 3, 2018 / Comments : 0

Washington claims that North Korea is using cryptocurrencies to evade US sanctions. Namely, Pyongyang allows well-known crypto coins and tries to come up with its own one. “Crypto-currencies have the […]

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News / October 2, 2018 / Comments : 0

Hats off to Bitcoin! elegro team joins to the Crypto Art’s greetings of Bitcoin and wishes it happy 10th anniversary. On September 28, in Paris opened the Bitcoin Art (r)evolution […]

News / September 26, 2018 / Comments : 0

Bitcoin keeps leading positions in the world of cryptocurrencies greatly influencing economy, banking, finances. And the areas of its control are expanding dramatically taking over everyday life and many other […]

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News / September 26, 2018 / Comments : 0

On September 25, Google announced its plan to update ad policy and partly reallow cryptocurrency-related advertising starting October 2018. The good news is, all crypto businesses buying ads on Google […]

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News / September 24, 2018 / Comments : 0

elegro’s soccer fans are happy to share an exciting news: another club is about to get its very own Fan Tokens. Two weeks ago, Paris Saint-Germain F.C. announced the development […]

News / September 24, 2018 / Comments : 0

From now on, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) France will accept donations in 9 the most popular cryptocurrencies. The list includes Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin Core (BTC), Ethereum ( ETH), […]

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News / September 22, 2018 / Comments : 0

Mystery is in a sense an integral part of every blockchain-based project. Perhaps, the mystery is that very thing that makes crypto favourable for venture investment. However, even dreamers need […]

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News / September 21, 2018 / Comments : 0

On September 20, the US SEC announced their proceedings on the rules changing for Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) launch. Investment company VanEck and cryptocurrency startup SolidX presented the EFT. If […]

News / September 20, 2018 / Comments : 0

Bitcoin Core released an update for their web client. New product version can presumably fix a DoS vulnerability bug. The bug was reported anonymously. They say, it could affect the […]

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