Italian Juventus launches its own crypto project

News / September 24, 2018 / Comments: 0
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elegro’s soccer fans are happy to share an exciting news: another club is about to get its very own Fan Tokens.

Two weeks ago, Paris Saint-Germain F.C. announced the development of crypto tokens for its fans. Just like its French counterpart, Italian Juventus decided to cooperate with Socios, a “blockchain-based fan engagement platform.” The plan is to release “Juventus Official Fan Token” as soon as Q1 2019. The club fans could use new virtual assets for polling and voting.

“At the Club we are always very careful and pro-active towards innovation and new technologies. Together […] we believe we can offer new opportunities to our worldwide fan base to engage in cutting-edge way with their favorite club,” states Giorgio Ricci, Juventus co-chief revenue officer.

It’s worth noting that international soccer is in the crypto industry. Earlier this year, a few UK teams sealed deals with eToro, a fiat and crypto trading platform. It seems like a new era of blockchain-based football has begun. Read full story

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