White Labelling and its Concept

E-commerce / December 13, 2018 / Comments: 0
13.12.2018 post

These days, it can be difficult for a market player to stay competitive. The product developing and launch take much time and efforts. But building your brand recognition and attracting customers happen to be even more time-consuming. For this reason, clever guys have invented White Label (WL) concept.

What is WL?

For short, White Labelling is producing of goods and services ment to be branded and used by others. A business buying a White Label product has the right to position it as its own. Though the phenomenon of White Labelling is quite new on the market, it is gaining more and more popularity. WL solutions attract mainly those who aspire to minimize costs, win the market rapidly or focus mainly on brand building and effective use of existing technologies.

That’s why businesses prefer WL products:

  • Complete brand control;
  • Quick and timesaving;
  • Reduced costs;
  • High security level;
  • Professional (in most cases) customer support.

13.12.2018 cont

EWL stands for elegro’s White Label

On our part, elegro gives opportunities to other companies to take advantage of finely-polished blockchain-based payment solutions. Many world-known companies already use White-Labelled elegro Wallet solutions, UK IBANs and elegro Exchange services. All the products operate under elegro EU licenses granting them legal rights in crypto/fiat fund management. Contact us to become the next happy owner of our White Label products!

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