Tokyo Olympics 2020: Konichiwa XRP-san!

Blog Categories / October 8, 2018 / Comments: 0

It will not be long until the Tokyo Olympics 2020 starts.

Everyone in Japan associates the grand event with great cultural and economic opportunities for the hosting country. Still, there’s a potential downside: issues related to infrastructure, transportation and traditional payment systems.

Regular tourist mecca into the country leads to the local currency demand growth. As a result, huge lines can form at local currency exchanges. Exchange rate fluctuations and language barriers can even worsen the problem.

The use of a secure cryptocurrency that allows fast transactions can be a healthy alternative to fiat currencies. Ripple Lab’s XRP coin seems to perfectly fit for the role of the Tokyo Olympics official cryptocurrency.

elegro Team believes cryptocurrencies that make transactions instant and secure can solve many payment problems. So, what would you say if you were offered to use Ripple coins? Besides, elegro’s business-friendly ecosystem has enough room for XRP! Read a full story

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