The 4th industrial revolution: welcome to the 5G world!

E-commerce / October 30, 2018 / Comments: 0
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According to Bank of America Merrill Lynch, in five years new technologies will propel us into a very different world. Indeed, some BofAML experts are sure, 4th industrial revolution is almost there.

Are you ready for changes that will transform the global economy? Well, you should be as major changes are already in train. Five key drives supported by the 5G mobile technology, will “shape our world” in the nearest future. The keys are:

  • Big data
  • The rise of electric vehicles
  • Climate changes
  • Demographics
  • Global cyber threats

The world will get even smaller by 2025

Every 2-3 years people double the amount of data they use/store. As for computing power, it becomes cheaper. What does it mean? It’s easy: people and their businesses get more connected! In fact, BofAML states that the amount of stored/processed worldwide data can “jump” from 1% (2018) to 37% (2025). That in turn implies about $5 trillion in annual benefits. It’s kind of a long shot, of course, but specialists do believe they wouldn’t be disappointed.

Cyber fortress for your business

It may seem ridiculous in 2018, but you may need to build a virtual fortress by 2021 to protect sensitive data from hackers. Cybersecurity Ventures guys state, the cost of cybercrime can grow to $6 trillion in years to come. The main reasons are that lots of people move online and hacker attacks get more sophisticated. It’s not surprising then that “cybersecurity will play a vital role in protecting the global digital economy.”

New world, new rules?

In the long run, we may face a whole bunch of headwinds including climate change, overpriced fossil fuels and human overpopulation. On the other hand, the rollout of the 5G network is full of opportunities we can use to go through a rough time. The 5G technology is supported by powerful drivers: the Internet of Things (IoT), rapid on-demand services development, cloud computing, e-commerce and VR/AR solutions. So, fear not, humanity has every chance to survive.

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As for elegro team, we do believe that people are about to enter the world of new opportunities. With this in mind, we do our best to move a step closer to a better and more secure future.

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