Be a solution seller. Sell the solution, not the product.

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You don’t sell a camera by saying it can shoot video at 25,600 ISO. You sell it by telling people you can shoot video by moonlight. Be a wise solution seller.

Haje Jan Kamps, Editor of Happy Customers blog

Imagine the fuss: you have a new-age product created with the latest technologies usage, but nobody wants it. In fact, this in an issue lots of business owners face here and there. The reason is, there’s a huge gap between what customers really need and what sellers want to offer. Okay, enough with that mystery! Let’s look at the whole picture in detail.

Customers don’t care about you, just go with that

When you are an entrepreneur, it’s not surprising that all products/brands mean everything to you. Even more, they become your entire world! That’s absolutely OK as people do care about stuff they make. No seriously, many of us really believe that product specifications ARE the product itself. Now, here comes the truth.

Nobody likes your apps or devices as much as you do. As for your customers, they care nothing for you. However, we don’t think it’s wrong. People don’t hate you, they just care about other things beside the products or brands you offer.

The point is, your customers-to-be aren’t likely to just hand their hard-earned money over. No way, Jose! In fact, every customer of yours has a problem to solve or an aspiration he/she wants to fulfill. With this in mind, you can keep your business going by offering reliable SOLUTIONS helping people reach their dreams, instead of just selling PRODUCTS.

Solutions, not products

Simply put, things you are selling are not products. They are solutions. Sure thing, for some tech-savvy folks specifications and details are very important, so you still need to provide user-friendly product descriptions. However, most people buy items without even reading the specs.

In most cases, people buy things based on their own feelings. So, if a product can help solve specific problems or make dreams come true, you win the main prise. Remember, you are not the one buying a product; your customers are.

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How to become a successful solution seller

1. Understand the customer’s pain points

The better your understand your customers’ problems, the better your can service their needs. Try to put yourself in the place of the potential buyers to see the main points of your campaign to highlight. Yep, that’s a challenging thing, but you can do it!

2. First engage, then inform 

At this stage, your job is to capture people ears and eyes. Make your customers-to-be to learn more about that cool stuff you offer.

3. Focus on solving issues

Suppose, you’re selling human dietary supplements (vitamins). Here’s a hint for you to build a successful sales campaign. Give the products as well-balanced sets of essential nutrients helping reduce harmful effects of modern city life. The result will be not long in coming!

In summary, selling solutions instead of selling products mean being able to see further than the end of your nose. Consider the customers’ feelings, needs and requests. They say, being nice always pays off. So be nice to people looking for efficient ways to solve their essential problems. Sell the solutions with real values, not the-best-in-the-industry products!

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