PaymentZ integrates elegro’s Crypto Acceptance Solution

Announcements / August 21, 2019 / Comments: 0

India/Estonia – PaymentZ, a leading white-label payment gateway provider, and elegro, an EU-licensed provider of blockchain-based FinTech solutions, today announced the integration of elegro’s crypto acceptance into the PaymentZ platform. Therefore, this tandem will establish the first-class integrated payments business. Including endless and increasing innovation to produce benefits for the clients globally.

Through this integration, PaymentZ aims to upgrade their gateway offering. They will do it with an additional payment method to the benefit of all platform users. As a result, starting from today all merchants utilizing PaymentZ White-label Gateway will be totally able to accept cryptocurrency online in an incredibly easy, reliable and safe manner.

Crypto Acceptance opportunities

Firstly, for those PaymentZ’s merchants who know about the risks associated with credit card payments, integration of elegro wallet’s crypto acceptance might be an opportunity to try something new. Secondly, the solution provides a quick start to crypto acceptance. Even for the e-commerce business keepers with no prior coin experience.
Moreover, it stands for global payments with no volatility and conversion exposure as well as chargeback risks. Merchants receive settlements directly to their bank accounts in 24 hours.

About PaymentZ

PaymentZ is an Indian-based white-label payment gateway provider offering off-the-shelf gateway solutions to businesses all over the globe. It is a necessary infrastructural element in the card not-present production. With Paymentz’s solutions, businesses can concentrate all their efforts on sales strategies instead of bothering about IT infrastructure, security and compliance requirements.
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About elegro

elegro wallet is a blockchain-based platform with headquarters in Tallinn. Above all, it provides FinTech payment solutions that make it fast, easy, and secure to use crypto in the daily life of each and every client. The brand elegro is established by the company Niko Technologies OÜ. This company is a software house specializing in the expert development of white-label solutions based on blockchain technology.
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