New Cryptocurrency Terms Coined in 2018

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26.12.2018 post

Believe it or not, but the modern language is similar to a human organism. Just like many years ago, important events often turn into new words. In fact, each new word people create needs some time to become a part of the “world dictionary”. The main rule is: the more you use it, the better. Same works with cryptocurrency terms.

A rapidly developing area of the crypto industry can boast of hundreds of new words. Only this year many fancy-shmancy words entered the crypto sphere. Let’s take a look at the most widespread of them.

1. Cryptocurrencer


This one is the most general definition of everyone who deals with cryptocurrencies. It can be either a trader, holder or simply a person who is interested in crypto.

2. Cryptopreneur


As you can guess, the word holds 2 traditional terms: “cryptocurrency” and “entrepreneur”. The word denotes an owner of a cryptocurrency business.

3. Cryptonaut/cryptonaught

cont (1)

Here’s another combination consisting of two words: “cryptocurrency” and “astronaut”. Cryptonaut is a kind of cryptocurrency speculator, that is a person who investigates little-known galaxies.

4. Cryptomonnaies


Strange enough, but this French word has entered English pretty soon. Once again, two words form this newly-coined term: “crypto” and “monnaies” meaning “currencies”.

5. Disruptrepreneur


Such terms as “disrupt” and “entrepreneur” merged to create a new word. The word denotes an entrepreneur who’s going to change the blockchain area.

It is important to note, that nowadays the use of the aforementioned terms is a mark of good taste and advancement. And who knows, maybe next year they will enter the academic dictionary.

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