McAfee Labs: IoT has become a haven for crypto-jackers

Blockchain / September 27, 2018 / Comments: 0

Do you have a fancy smart device? Sure, you do! If so, the recent warning from McAfee Labs goes for you. The team of security experts is sure: many Internet of Things (IoT) devices are perfect platforms for cryptojacking (unauthorized use of someone else’s PC/gadget to mine cryptocurrency).

The latest McAfee Labs report states: the number of crypto mining malware attacks grew by 86% in Q2 2018. The reasons crypto-jackers choose low-power platforms are, many widget owners use weak passwords and pile up tons of hi-tech toys.

Christiaan Beek, McAfee’s Lead Scientist, said he wouldn’t ever think that common devices we use every day can become mining platforms. Oh well, it looks like illegal crypto mining gets more affordable.

Anyway, elegro has some good news for you! In August, Firefox announced their decision to block cryptojacking malware in new browser releases. Every issue has a solution, indeed.

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