How elegro Keeps your Funds Safe

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24.01.2019 post

elegro team cares a lot about customer data (and money) safety. With this in mind, we’ve created a comprehensive set of tools that carefully protect our customers’ “precious.” Let’s take a closer look at them, shall we?

BioID solutions

elegro’s face recognition and fingerprint identification solutions are powerful anti-spoofing mechanisms preventing payment fraud and identity theft. To login to elegro Wallet or verify a transaction, you need to be a real person. Someone else’s biometric data won’t work.


2-Step Verification

With 2-Step Verification, you add an extra layer of security to your wallet account. After you set it up, you’ll sign in to elegro Wallet in two steps using:

  • Data you know (your password);
  • Data you get (like a secure phone/email key).

elegro offers a great variety of verification step options. If you don’t want to use email verification, you can choose between getting phone notifications or using Google Authenticator app.

Blockchain technologies

Blockchain technologies underlying elegro solutions hugely reduce the opportunities for cybercrime. The reason is, they have no single control point. Blockchain’s digital signatures, time-stamping and encryption facilitate a secure means of your funds management/storage.

SSL endpoints for transactions

To make transactions even more protected, elegro ecosystem relies on Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) cryptographic protocols. The protocols provide secure communication channels between two computers/gadgets running in a single network. As a result, you elegro implements the following data security principles:

  • encryption;
  • authentication;
  • data integrity.

Our experts work hard to deliver the best user experience for our customers (that’s you) and other folks trying to keep up with the latest security trends. Rest assured, with elegro, your funds are 100% safe and secure.

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