Hooray: it’s Time to Party!

News / December 28, 2018 / Comments: 0

2018 is living it’s last days. The 2019 year is about to come and, of course, it will bring even more happiness, joy and lovely moments to everyone. Right now, it’s time to sum up the results of the expiring year. Frankly speaking, 2018 was tense and full of hard work for elegro team. We developed and launched many new solutions. Much work and time were devoted to their polishing and upgrading. We did titanic work on the way to meet the demands and needs of our customers (sometimes, quite picky ones). While creating new products we set three main goals:

  1. To give secure, quick and user-friendly payment solutions to our dearest clients.
  2. To help small and middle businesses get global.
  3. To make our solutions easy-to-reach and affordable to everyone, be it a business or private person, a wholesaler or retailer, a small business or a big corporation.

In 2018, we had grown to having over 5,000 active merchants. The company has also built partnerships with many companies all over the world. On top of that, our White Label products are in great demand.

Well, it’s more than enough to think about work. Now, it’s time to party! After hard work, we usually play even harder. Also, on Tuesday, elegro team had New Year party. Tasty festive meals, funny contests, dances and karaoke battles filled our lives with unforgettable moments. Moreover, admire the amazing photos we took.

party 001
party 02

We congratulate everyone with New Year! May your highest dreams, plans and expectations come true.

See you next year!

elegro team

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