elegro Wires: Texting-Easy Global Transfers

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Wiring money to someone at the far end of the earth is one of the most natural (and comfortable) things ever. Well, if you’re lucky enough to find a light-handed wire transfer service provider. If not, that’s OK, as you’re a breath away from meeting a wire solution making cash transfers as easy as texting.

“One of One Thousand”

The catchphrase of the world-famous ad campaign describes Elegro Wires service the best. Perhaps we may be overstating a little, but the product can really give its counterparts a head start. So, what makes Elegro Wires solution a horse of a different colour? The best way to find that out is to give it a try. On the other hand, it’s weirdly hard to choose a thing without a clue about its features, eh? The solution our experts created for as-secure-as-possible international money transfers can boast of the following feature set:

  • Virtual EU IBANs that allow for secure, failproof SEPA transfers. The feature gives you an opportunity to withdraw money to a bank account directly.
  • Physical UK IBANs for accepting fund transfers from 30+ European countries with no recalls!
  • Instant B2B, B2C, C2B money transfers.
  • SWIFT transfers that make it quick and easy to accept and send payments from all around the world.
  • Customer-friendly currency exchange at a nominal fee.
  • Easy-to-use dashboard for creating IBANs within the elegro Gateway in just a few clicks.
  • The service is fully-automated which means you can save time and a lot of nerve cells.

So, long story short, elegro Wires can be considered a service making international fund transfer as smooth as possible. With the customer in mind: one of one thousand product, indeed!

cont post 20.11.2018

The future of money transfers: send it in a single swipe

For modern people, sending money in a swipe or click is neither a nonsense nor a whim. New FinTech solutions such as elegro Wires have turned fund transferring into an easy, instant, remote, fully automated process.

These days, lots of providers prefer to rely on P2P services, as they have a positive effect on consumer decision-making. Put simply, peer-to-peer services help you to attract potential customers. Need a proof? Let’s take a look at the typical fee structures provided by new solutions: they reek of low or no-fee offerings! As a result, people get real opportunities to save tons of money.

According to a research conducted in 2017, 64% of surveyed people aged 25-34 said they would be “very likely” to use P2P transfer services. Well then, it looks like the new age of wire transfers is already here.

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