Blockchain City: a Way to Change a Life for the Better

Blockchain / November 5, 2018 / Comments: 0

A city where blockchain technology drives all interactions may soon become a reality.

Berns wants to build utopia

Jeffry Berns, CEO of Blockchains, LLC, bought 67,000 acres of the desert in Nevada to build such a place. He plans to develop a profitable business there as well as to create a city integrating 4th Industrial Revolution technologies. As Blockchain, LLC stated, “The planned city will encompass, among other projects, a highly-secured, high-tech park that joins blockchain technology with artificial intelligence (AI), 3D printing and nanotechnology.”

Nathaniel Popper in his article for The New York Times gives the detailed picture of Berns’ dream community, “He imagines a sort of experimental community spread over about a hundred square miles, where houses, schools, commercial districts and production studios will be built. The centerpiece of this giant project will be the blockchain, a new kind of database that was introduced by Bitcoin.”

Innovation park will be built soon!

Berns’ project found many believers among influential local officials. Thus, last month, Brian Sandoval, Governor of Nevada, and Elon Musk joined the panel together with Berns. During the event state’s governor named the Blockchain, LLC property as “Innovation Park”.

The construction of the city will begin late in 2019. But before, the company should develop the master plan and agree on it with the county.

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Energy project powered by blockchain technology

Memorandum of Understanding signed between Blockchain, LLC and NV Energy on November 1, 2018 made a start on the project realization. The main aim of the agreement is to put a customer in control of energy creation. The press release states, “Blockchains and NV Energy’s shared vision will pilot concepts that place the customer in control of energy creation, consumption, storage, and transactions.” According to Berns, the project could provide energy to 1.3 million customers in Nevada.

elegro team wishes Jeffry a success on the way of blockchain city building. It’s great that there are people around who try their best to improve our lives using blockchain technologies.

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