Bitcoin = World Currency: is 30-year prophecy true?

Blockchain / October 12, 2018 / Comments: 0
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Are you ready for a World Currency predicted on October 10, 30 years ago? Back in 1988, the Economist published a sort of prophecy: “In 30 years, Americans, Japanese, Europeans, residents of many […] countries may pay for their purchases with a single currency.” These days, it’s hardly possible to say if it was a joke or an educated guess. One thing is for sure: today we have a coin that may well become the Single World’s Currency. Well, who’s that “lucky fellow?” It’s Bitcoin!

Bitcoin as a crypto Phoenix? Nah, too grim

The Rothschild’s magazine depicted new world’s currency as a Phoenix standing on a pile of flaming dollars and holding a coin with the nominal of 10 issued in 2018. Then, as now, many wondered whether the global market would be ready to accept a global currency. Some people even waited for an economic turnaround.

According to some posts on Twitter, there are users waiting for an unexpected turn of events related to the stock market and Bitcoin itself.

As for elegro team, we do believe that there’s a huge gap between the legendary Phoenix and Bitcoin. There’s no need for the world-famous crypto coin to “burn and level up”. However, only time will tell whether BTC is promising enough to become the World Currency.

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