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Announcements / December 7, 2018 / Comments : 0

elegro team is happy to announce the launch of UK IBAN solution onto elegro Gateway. Now, using physical UK IBANs elegro customers can accept money transfers from their clients within […]

Announcements / December 6, 2018 / Comments : 0

elegro team is working tirelessly to provide the best payment experience for elegro Wallet users. We are about to introduce one more useful feature of our wallet. Soon elegro Wallet […]

templ pos1111222
Announcements / December 4, 2018 / Comments : 0

elegro exchange solutions have been added to Cryptowisser’s Cryptocurrency Exchange List which includes top world exchanges. The list reflects the most important exchanges’ characteristics to help users find services that […]

30.11.2018 post2
Announcements / December 1, 2018 / Comments : 0

It is our pleasure to announce an important step on the way of our development. elegro SWIFT transfers solution has been successfully launched by us. The solution enables quick and […]

12.11 blog (2)
Announcements / November 12, 2018 / Comments : 0

Meet the new, improved and refined elegro Wallet! They say, the sky’s the limit. Well, they are definitely right! In fact, even the most advanced developments need professional attention to […]

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